Wednesday, February 25, 2015

All on our own

I walk aimlessly on a dark narrow road;
With my feet stumbling and my eyes dripping away it's sorrow.
People walked past me as my tears flowed;
Hoping, somebody would notice, if not today, may be tomorrow.

My soul is screaming aloud to be heard;
Is it just me who's invisible or this is how it goes?
Look at them go, keeping their soul unstirred;
My invisibility and their indifference are my only woes.

I passed by a door, closed and silent;
The door was trying to burst open,
As if the inaudible sobs were turning violent;
I walked towards it with the feeling of a bad omen.

As I reluctantly opened the door,
Stood men and women, the wonderers;
Their face blank like mine, walk aimless,
They were the silent sufferers.

I wonder why don't they yearn to reach out;
Or do they enjoy being alone?
Nobody cares  finally they shout,
We all are on our own.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Paying the price

You miss me, 
That’s what you say;
You miss me, 
You cry every day.

I am missable,
 Just like old wine,
I am better off,
That's what everyone opine.

If I was good,
If I was so nice;
Why did he leave?
Why am I the one paying the price?