Monday, November 23, 2015

Just let me be...

Let me run wild,
Without any worries.

Let me laugh loud,
Without any sorries.

Let me be filthily dressed,
Without being judged.

Let me be loved,
The one strangers could hug.

Let me speak my mind,
Without being gagged.

Let me stay out late,
Without being nagged.

Let me sleep under the sky,
Watch the clouds float by.

Let me live in peace,
And let me fly.

Most importantly,

Let me be who I am
Just let me be, is all I want…

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's not about a Happy Ending

All my life I searched for a happy ending;

All my life I deluded myself into believing in it,

In all situations; good or bad;

All I was worried about being how it fared?

As I grew old, old enough to understand;

Where my life was headed and toward what I was blind.

Golden moments passed me by; in spite of they being rare,

 Obsessing over the ending and for the rest I didn't care.

Now I wonder if I would ever get those moments again;

Even if I promised to enjoy without worrying about the end,

The true wisdom has finally dawned upon me;

Sometimes it’s not about a happy ending, it's only about the story.